Fluenz Spanish is a high quality and extremely well put together Spanish learning package. Although it is relatively new compared with other Spanish products, it is gained a large market share due to the outright quality of the offering. The simple interface makes learning easy for anyone and the teaching methods themself are highly effective.

It truly feels like a one on one learning experience when you use Fluenz Spanish. There is a video of a private tutor that teaches each lesson so it is virtually like having your own private teacher. The lessons then increase in difficulty until finally you get the chance to participate in a real conversation to test your skills in the most realistic environment and situation possible.

This is a great program particularly for travellers as Fluenz Spanish focuses more on words that are likely to be used rather than on some of the more traditional vocabulary that is less likely to be used in the modern day. For example, you will learn about cell phones rather than horses. This makes the program extremely relevant in comparison to other programs which are still teaching very traditional concepts that may not be put into practice very often.

This is the contents of the Fluenz Spanish 1 + 2 package:

2 x DVD ROM2 x Audio CD


Fluenz Navigator

The Podcasts are a great addition to this package and really add a lot of value beyond the modest price tag. They are totally exclusive and made only for customers of Fluenz Spanish. they are made by the people who created the program so there is continuity and the podcasts are simple to download from the web to compliment the training in the audio discs.

One happy customer noted: “The Fluenz leverage learning approach is far superior to any competitor, especially for adults”

So if you are sitting on the fence about this product I have one piece of advice: jump in. It will have you learning fast and comfortably and the extra podcasts add more value for money then you get with just about any other package.