Luxury train travel is something that should be experienced by every individual at least once in a lifetime. In Russia, Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States there are private rail cars available for a trip or an event. In addition to the simple mechanics of getting from one place to another, some of the popular uses of travel by chartered railway cars include wedding trips, celebrations of various events, publicizing a philosophy or events and reaching a destination in style.

You can choose a restored car style that calls up memories of the great Pullman car days. Perhaps you would rather travel in a Victorian-style carriage. Nostalgia is a key ingredient in the private car experience. Yet, you get the latest in comfort in your traveling hotel suite.

A private rail car includes such things as multiple private bedrooms, a shower, meal buffet, cocktail lounge, television and VCR players. If you prefer your music via tape deck or a CD player, that’s just a part of the amenities provided on today’s luxury cars. In addition to all the creature comforts, you get the benefit of the scenery surrounding the tracks on which you travel.

A business boardroom can be on wheels if you choose a railway car. Chartered trains can be selected that includes an experienced chef to take care of the kitchen. If you and your fellow executives need to work, but don’t need to be confined to a smoky room, make your next business meeting an adventure not just a conference.

European travelers enjoy chartering a private railway car to get to a sports event as a group. They get the luxury of roomy accommodations and can add food and comfortable seating. Consider this option in the U. S. When you want to take your hometown fans to an away basketball or football game in another city.

Traveling by luxury car allows you to take short trips such as a dinner trip. You can charter your travel time to be suitable for an all-day business meeting. This is also a great way to take a group to a point of interest. Cars can be rented for single family vacation of scenic interest while providing all the needs for a family.

Even if you never got to enjoy a trip on the Orient Express, you can evoke the same type of experience by chartering a railway car. Luxury train travel is convenient and provides for nostalgic experiences. You get the sense of history as you travel while viewing today’s scenic locations.

Vacationing is a pleasure that all of us love to do. We usually will go by airplane to an exotic location but have you ever thought of luxury train travel?