Everyone has their honeymoon dreams with their loved one. Of course the honeymoon place become the first important things to make honeymoon dreams come true. Honeymoon in Indonesia will be perfect choice for you to considered. Indonesia has amazing nature and culture that will  make your honeymoon become the unforgettable one.

Top 10 Romantic Spot For Honeymoon In Indonesia

10. Moyo Island

Lady Diana and Mick Jagger already been to Moyo Island. Moyo Island offers a complete natural vacation. Perfect for getaway from crowded city. This Island not too popular among local tourist, so it is quiet and calm. Moyo Island has untouched ecosystem with great number of natural diversity, birds, and butterflies still roam freely there.

Moyo Island have beautiful white beaches where you can relax and sunbathing with your loved one. It’s one of perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon in Indonesia

Or you can trek the forest to reach Brang Rea waterfall. If you’re into hunting, Moyo Island is the perfect choice because the government provide a spot for hunting.

For history lover, you can visit Batu Tarigam village and see relief from megaliticum era. To get there, you can fly from Jakarta, Denpasar, or Surabaya to Sumbawa Besar. From Sumbawa Besar get yourself to Sunggir Payung bus station coninue your journey to Labuhan Bada Port and then sail to Moyo Island.

9. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is located in East Java and the summit is 2.329 above sea level. This is one of the most interesting spot to visit in Indonesia. You should see the magnificent sunrise from the top. Come there very early while the stars still sparkle and then sit and enjoy your loved one company while the dawn break and give you the most spectacular view. A romantic situation in your honeymoon in Indonesia.

There are a lot of jeep you can rent to bring you there and then you can solid staircase to the top of Mount Bromo. Next, you can see the amazing whispering sand and the bromo crater. After having time in high altitude, come down and visit Makaripura waterfall in the foot of Mount Bromo.

8. Bintan Island

Bintan Island is the biggest Inland in Riau Islands province. Bintan has high class resort, Bintan Resort, with international standard. You can enjoy the beach, spa, swimming pools, golf court, and luxurious suite there.

There are also honeymoon package they can arrange for you. So you can freely enjoy your stay there and enjoy your honeymoon in Indonesia time. You can ask them to arrange romantic dinner just two of you on the beach under the sky.

If you like nature related activity, you can walk around hop a boat and explore the mangroves. You can found fishes, birds, orchids, and other unique flora. If you have more time to spend in Riau Islands, you can go to Anambas Island (The best tropical island in Asia) and have a nice snorkeling trip there.

7. Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo is the main city of West Manggarai, Flores. It is the transit destination for tourist before going to Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo offers many adventures you can do and would make your honeymoon special.

The special thing you can do here and here only, is to see the komodo dragon in their natural habitat. You have to be extra careful when you visit Komodo Island or Rinca Island, because this biggest lizard in the world can do serious harm.

People usually choose Rinca Island than Komodo Island because its closer from Labuan Bajo. And also Rinca is smaller so it would be easier to find Komodo dragon here.

Another reptile related adventure is Bukit Ular (Snake Hill). You see snakes from up close. For wawtersport lover, Labuan Bajo is another great site for diving and snorkeling. Tiger fish, lion fish, even sometimes mata ray and sharks are among fishes you can swim with when you dive near Komodo and Seraya Island.

6. Karimunjawa, Jepara

Karimunjawa is a National Park consisted of 27 islands. Reefs, mangroves, hawkbill turtle, green turtle, and white chested eagle are part of this islands ecosystem. Good thing about Karimunjawa is its fairly easy to reach from Semarang or Jepara and it has various price of accommodation. It’s good news for us budget concious traveller.

First on the list when you arrive on this island must be snorkeling or diving. Lazy to get wet? Worry not, you can still share the exotic underwater view with your significant other using glass bottomed boat.

End your day with enjoying sunset at the romantic Ujung Gelam beach. Wake up early and wait sunrise in Nirwana or Marina beach while hold your honey close. Enrich your knowledge about sea creature at turtle conservation and shark conservation site in Menjangan Island. You can also swimming among baby sharks, wouldn’t that be amazing?

5. Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat is far away from anywhere crowded in Indonesia. This is perfect romantic getaway because less tourist can afford to get there. You can rent a boat and see the superb view of hundred tiny islands around you when you sail among narrow selat.

An island in Raja Ampat, Wayag Island, is claimed to be the best diving spot in the world. There are spots where you can dive and meet manta ray 9 meters in diameter swimming around you. Another interesting spot for diving is sunken world war II planes that already become home for various fish.

The rich underwater ecosystem will amaze you. Swim around and if you’re lucky you can swim along with sea turtle and dugong. Play around the beach is also on to do list, along with watching the paradise bird.

4. Bunaken Island, Manado

Bunaken Island is famous for its underwater garden. Located 30 minutes away from Manado harbor by speedboat, its one of the most famous diving spot in Indonesia. Meet exotic sea creatures like clown fish, rays, starfish and reefs in various shapes and color.

Sail the ocean to hop islands and maybe if you’re lucky you can see dolphin or sea turtle in their natural habitat. Have a picnic on the beach under coconut tree. Tips for going to Bunaken island: Better to plan your trip not at the same time as school holiday or major holidays to avoid the crowd and maximize your honeymoon in Indonesia.

3. Gili Nanggu, Lombok

Lombok has the more famous Gili Trawangan. But for honeymoon, the quiet Gili Nanggu is better choice. You can get the sense of private island out of Gili Nanggu. The sunrise and sunset can take your breath away. Hold your loved one hand and walk along the white sand beach. Spoil yourself with the view of turquoise sea, swim the nice warm tropical water, rent canoe and have fun.

For more adventure, visit another Gili (locals for small island) near Gili Nanggu, which are Gili Kedis and Gili Tangkong. Those place offer another amusement for you. Fish your own dinner and have it barbequed at shore under starry night.

To get to Gili Nanggu, you have to reach Lombok first, continue to Tawun Harbor, and then sail your way to Gili Nanggu by ship.

2. Banda Neira Island, Maluku

Banda Neira is an island located at southeast of Ambon, Maluku. The first city in Banda Neira was built by Dutch East India Company (VOC) in order to harvest spices that were abundant there.

There are fortress ruin left by the Portuguese and the Dutch from colonial time, now become an interesting tourist attraction. Strengthen your bonding with your soulmate by hiking Mount Api together and enjoy the superb view from the summit.

Relax yourself on Banda Neira beach with coconut drink on your hand and sunshine in your skin. Enjoy the beautiful color of corals and fish by diving or snorkeling around the island. Even if you just swimming in surface, you can see corals because the water there is crystal clear.

To get there, you can catch Buana Nusantara Airlines plane from Ambon to Banda Neira. The flight only available twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday.

Tips: If you would like to do diving, come around April to November when the sea is calm.

1. Bali

Bali oh Bali. Why is it number one on the list? Because this magnificent island have it all. Beautiful beaches, amazing sunset, tasty foods, art market, monkey forest, and many more. You can find various accommodation from high class resort to cheap hotel.

Enjoy your day sunbathing, relaxing, or surfing together with your significant other in Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur beach, When you ready to get another atmosphere other than beaches, you can go to Kintamani or Bedugul. Both located at high altitude and you can enjoy fresh cool air for a change. And there are lake and beautiful temple you can visit.

Next, you can go to Pura Tanah Lot to see the amazing sunset. Don’t forget to see Kecak Dance Show in Uluwatu temple. Before wrapping up your honeymoon, have a romantic dinner in Jimabaran beach where they serve great seafood with sunset as background. Lot of things to do to make your honeymoon in Indonesia perfect, right? The following two tabs change content below.