The Most Exciting Things to Do in Belgrade

There are many things you can enjoy in Belgrade. They range from the beautiful ancient fortresses, an entertaining history, breath-taking culture, unique cuisine, and an entertaining night-life. There are but a few things that can make your experience memorable when you visit Belgrade.

The Serbian capital has been an attractive destination for tourists over the past few years. The global citizenry is convinced that Belgrade is never a disappointment for those who are looking for explorations never to forget.

Whether your intention to visit Belgrade is to party, familiarize yourself with the culture, work, or you want to sample everything, there is always something for you. Are you unaware of the things that can make you enjoy the city? There are many affordable activities that you can carry out and enjoy in this location whether you intend to stay there for a day or several weeks. Here are the locations and activities that are good for you:

Enjoy a Walk Through the City of Belgrade

A walking tour through the city of Belgrade can do you a lot of good. The free Downtown tour takes place daily between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. As you take this tour, you have a chance to understand Belgrade City better. If you are visiting the city for the first time, it is appropriate to get a guide to take you through it. Take the opportunity to ask questions on the different locations within the city that you come across. When everything is done to your satisfaction, feel free to tip the guide. The guide can also assist with Serbian translation if you are not conversant with the language.

Familiarize Yourself with Skadarlija Street

After the free tour, it is important to have a drink and food as you re-energize. There are many cafes in Skadarlija to help with the best food and drink experience. The street has been a good location for young people and couples because of the entertaining night-life experience found there. Therefore, it can also serve you well as someone who needs tasty food and drinks to accompany it. The Serbian bands also offer great entertainment in Skadarlija. With great restaurants, this is a place you do not want to miss.

Go to the Belgrade Fortress and Enjoy Your Time

The fortress has survived over the 2,000 years in which there have been conflicts in Belgrade. The young couples you see walking around the fortress make people forget about the years of bloodshed that were experienced in Belgrade. In this fortress, you can enjoy the sunset over Zenum. Exploring this fortress over and over is an experience that most people would rate as the best things to do in Belgrade.

Party Wildly the Whole Night While in Belgrade

If you are a person that enjoys affordable but enjoyable night-life, Belgrade is the place for you. The best nightclubs in Belgrade are in Savamala, a location on the Sava River. It is great for nightlife enthusiasts and especially when it is summer.

Savamala has other things you can enjoy apart from the partying. There are beautiful architectural structures that tell the story of Belgrade. It is a location that you cannot regret visiting.

Interesting Shows at the National Theater

At the Republic Square, you can enjoy live performances. This is for those who love acting and art in general. There is no restriction as the tickets are sold at affordable rates. Each seat is 300 dinars which are equivalent to $3. The plays are a real treat for opera lovers.

Enjoy the Beauty of St. Ostava Church

St. Ostava church is a beautiful addition to the already architectural rich city. It is the largest church in Serbia and considered among the largest in the world. People admire it because of the creativity that went into building it.

Enjoy Your Shopping at the Green Market in Kalenic

Do you need fresh fruits, dairy, and seafood, among others? Visit the largest market in Belgrade, Kalenic. The locals even offer samples at the market for the customers to taste. Even if you do not intend to buy anything, a walk through the market is worth it. Other items in the market include:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Honey

Go to the Tesla Museum and Learn Some History

The museum contains some works done by a man called Nikola Tesla. Hourly cost at the museum costs $5 or 500 Dinars. That is affordable.

There is also the Museum of Yugoslav History if you want to know more about Yugoslavia. Apart from being a beautiful place, it offers a learning experience — a good place for any visitor.

Forgetting the experiences in Belgrade is hard. It is a place you would wish to visit any time. With friendly people and freedom as you walk around the city, Belgrade is a special city for visitors.